A Brain for Better Performance

Faster Speed

Get your lag-free competitive edge.

Display lag is the latency between content input and actual display. Less than 40 milliseconds is considered good. mCable delivers in less than 1 millisecond—that’s great, especially at 120 FPS. There’s no impact on lag, providing you virtually lag-free gaming. That gives you a competitive edge over all the other non-mCable gamers out there.

What causes display lag?

Enhancing image quality requires a tremendous amount of processing between the source device and screen, which can slow down the signal. This results in a trade-off between faster game response time, quicker reaction time and picture quality. Until now.

The mCable solution.

Specifically designed for serious hardcore gamers, our patented technology features advanced real-time algorithms that enhance your image quality AND deliver near-zero latency at the same time.


Good-bye unwanted jaggies & shimmers.

mCable analyzes every single pixel in real-time and fills in the missing data between the straight square edges on a curve. The result? An incredibly realistic image with smooth edges that takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

mCable’s Contextual Anti-Aliasing (CxAA).

Not all AA (anti-aliasing) is created equal. Most techniques cause a blurring effect in graphics, especially on the sharp edges and small textures found in gaming content. mCable doesn’t suffer from this blurring problem. It has a proprietary CxAA algorithm created specifically to enhance and repair video game graphics. mCable analyzes the placement of every single pixel in context to the entire image, and then adapts the pixel to the appropriate edge and texture within that image. This creates a natural smoothness with high-resolution details, giving you an unbelievably realistic gaming experience.

Replace your HDMI cable, not your game system.

Chances are you invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on your gaming console and all the games purchased throughout the years. But as TVs, VR systems and monitors have delivered an improved 4K or True HD picture, the image quality from your games just aren’t keeping up.

Until now, your only choice was to replace your system and games. The solution? Replace your HDMI cable with mCable, and upgrade your gaming experience at a fraction of the cost.

Comparison of HDML to mCable

Actual unaltered screenshot with 3X zoom.

480p & 720p to 1080p | 1080p to near-native 4K.

mCable Gaming Edition features adaptive resolution scaling. It analyzes and up-scales your native content in real-time to Super HD @ 120 FPS or 4K 4:2:0 @ 60 FPS. But it doesn’t just upscale your gaming content. mCable even upscales your DVD, BluRay, cable, satellite and streaming content for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Better Depth, Contrast & Color

Actual unaltered screenshot with 3X zoom.

Pixel repair & enhancement.

The advanced computer inside mCable analyzes every single pixel to remove compression artifacts and clean up lines. The result is a dramatic improvement of depth and realism, revealing details you didn’t even know were there.

A balance of naturalness and sharpness.

Graphic video processors typically focus on either the “sharpness” or “naturalness” of an image. mCable ensures the image is in perfect balance. Our advanced real-time algorithms deliver a stunningly beautiful picture with color clarity and details exactly as intended by the game developer.