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January 2019 | IAMTALLBOY: "Marseille M Cable Enhances Your Gaming & Movie Watching Experience With 4k Resolution [CES2019]" CLICK IMAGE BELOW

January 2019 | TechRaptor: “This magic gadget claims to enhance your image quality while gaming and leaving many wondering if it can live up to this bold statement. For those of you looking for a short answer… yes, this cable does work.” Read more  

January 2019 | PCMag @ CES2019: “mClassic an HDMI Upconverter Designed by Arabian Prince, Founding member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, N.W.A” Read more  

January 2019 | Forbes mCable Review "For me, what sealed the deal was using mCable with my Comcast Xfinity cable setup. There are a number of channels that I enjoy which are not yet broadcast in HD format, and I was mesmerized by the difference when using the mCable. I did not notice any lag or latency." Read more  


June 2018 | Marseille E3 Interview with CEO Amine Chabane. CLICK IMAGE BELOW

Aug 2018 | Pressed for Time Gaming Podcast: "Legitimately saw much sharper visuals & better colors." (@ 39:35 time) Click Here

Aug 2018 | Adam Koralik: "mCable - HDMI Cable That Improves Videogames!" CLICK IMAGE BELOW

July 2018 | Hackinformer: "Out of the ordinary...a product that is something so rare and new." Click Here

July 2018 | Express Online: "The Marseille mCable sounds almost too good to be true." Click Here

July 2018 | ScatterVolt: "The ultimate HDMI cable!" (at the 5:21 mark) CLICK IMAGE BELOW

July 2018 | El Heraldo: "mCable, the solution for alaising" Click Here

June 2018 | XtraGames4Free: "The mCable Gaming Edition is an HDMI cable with superpowers for gaming that has a computer inside for a whole new incredible experience." Click Here

June 2018 | Skewed & Reviewed: "Better clarity & 4K upscaling, it's not a normal cable & worth the money!" (8:30 mark) Click Here

June 2018 | the CHIVE: "The best stuff we saw at E3 2018" (mCable is #6): Click Here

June 2018 | Mulderville: "mCable improves picture quality so much, you won't believe your eyes!" Click Here

Thank you to all our friends and celebrities who visited Marseille, Inc. @ E3 and are taking their game to a whole new level!

E3,Marseille Networks at E3,2018

Amine Chabane, Marseille's Founder & CEO, with our friends and celebs @ E3 2018!

E3,Marseille Networks at E3,2018

June 2018 | "Marseille Showcases Image Enhancing Smart HDMI mCable at E3 Expo" Click Here

June 2018 | JustPushStart: "E3 2018: mCable Helps Bring Older Devices to Modern Standards" Click Here

June 2018 | ars Technica: "Gallery: Take a tour of E3's video game theme park" Click Here

June 2018 | Power Gaming Network: "Meet mCable - a revolutionary HDMI cable" Click Here

June 2018 | Dealerscope: "Marseille, a Gaming Focused Cable Manufacturer, Offers Dynamic Range of HDMI Cables" Click Here

June 2018 | Mulderville: "E3 2018 Marseille, Inc. Demo" Click Here

June 2018 | Technology Integrator: "Marseille, a Gaming Focused Cable Manufacturer, Offers Dynamic Range of HDMI Cables" Click Here

June 2018 | Cheap Ass Gamer: "A really advanced up-scaler. Colors looked better, image looked sharper, everything was really impressive!" Click Here (at the 30:39 podcast time mark)

June 2018 | Haber Tekn: "mCable Gaming Edition - Games Jump Up a Level" Click Here

June 2018 | Tom's Guide: "Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review: Give Old Games a Boost" Click Here

April 2018 | Cheat Code Central: "mCable Lets You See Games in a Whole New Way." Click Here

March 2018 | DigitalFoundry: "mCable Gaming Edition - Anti-Aliasing Over HDMI?" CLICK IMAGE BELOW

March 2018 | GadgetyNews: Marseille mCable Gaming Edition HDMI" Click Here

March 2018 | EuroGamer: "Hardware anti-aliasing from an HDMI cable?" Click Here

October 2017 | ExtremeTech: "Marseille's HDMI Cable Does the Impossible: It Improves Graphics Quality" Click Here

October 2017 | Short Wave Radio blog: "A Thorough Review of the Anti-Aliasing HDMI Cable."  Click Here

September 2017 | LinusTechTips: "This $150 HDMI cable boosts image quality - What?!?" CLICK IMAGE BELOW


September 2017 | ars TECHNICA: "This $120 HDMI cable claims to make your picture better...and it does." Click Here

September 2017 | PC Perspective: "Remove Aliasing with an HDMI Cable!" CLICK IMAGE BELOW

June 2017 | Marseille Launches mCable Gaming & VR Edition at E3 Expo in Los Angeles" Read more  

March 2017 | mCable Gamer edition "4K HDMI cable could Improve VR Headset Graphics" Read more  

December 2016 | SON Video review "Marseille mCable: presentation" Read more  

November 2016 | mCable rating "Over 80% high quality reviews" Read more  

June 2016 | mCable on QVC "Marseille mCable available on QVC shopping network" Read more  

February 2016 | Hardware Secrets "An HDMI Cable that Enhances the Picture" Read more  

January 2016 | MacVoices Interview [ShowStoppers CES2016] Watch  

January 2016 | The Geek Church article [CES2016] Read more

January 2016 | Loop Infinito YouTube [CES2016, in Portuguese] Watch  

January 2016 | Sound&Vision article [CES2016] Read more  

January 2016 | Display+ press release [CES2016] Read more  

January 2016 | GNTECH article [CES2016] Read more  

December 2015 | Visit Marseille at CES 2016 Read more  

October 2015 | WifiHifi article [CEDIA 2015] "5 Must-See A/V products" Read more  

October 2015 | rAVe Interview [CEDIA 2015] Watch  

October 2015 | Marseille at CEDIA 2015 Read more