Choose your mCable length.

Unlike any HDMI cable, mCable has a computer processor inside that:

Up-Scales Full HD content to 4k
Up-Scales 420p & 720p to Full HD
Improves details & depth
Enhances Colors
Removes unwanted artifacts

mCable Cinema Edition

by Marseille Inc.


FREE Shipping
Continental US

mCable Cinema Edition

Up-scales Content: Converts 480p (DVD) & 720p (broadcast) to Full HD (1080p); converts Full HD to 4K.

Improves Details & Depth: Fine-tunes every pixel and restores image edges for enhanced contrast.

Improved Depth: Graphic processor fine-tunes every pixel for more depth and enhanced contrast.

Enhances Colors: Displays true colors as the artist and cinema photographer intended.

Removes Unwanted Artifacts: Implements “noise reduction” for a incredibly pure image.


Super Easy Set-Up:

  • STEP 1 - plug in USB cable
  • STEP 2 - plug mCable into game source
  • STEP 3 - plug mCable into TV

Within a few minutes, you are ready to enjoy a superior visual experience!

Black & Orange m-Ring
US Shipping:
Free continental US shipping
International Shipping:
USPS International First Class mail:
Most economical Intl shipping method. NOTE: Make take up to 2-6 weeks for delivery, NO tracking # provided. Marseille Inc. is NOT accountable and do NOT make any shipping guarantees delivery on such method. It is full customer responsibility*
Customs Duty fees, and VAT Tax:
Intl Customs Duty, VAT Tax maybe collected by your postal services or shipping company on delivery. Please check with your local postal service for T&C, rates, and customs duty fees in your country. Marseille Inc. is not responsible for these fees**
Intro Heading:
Choose your mCable length.
Intro Subheading:
Unlike any HDMI cable, mCable has a computer processor inside that:
1 Year.

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