The images on your TV, VR or monitor are made of tiny squares called pixels. But real-life objects have rounded edges. This conflict causes images to shimmer or appear "jaggy", a stair-step looking edge from square pixels trying to create a curve.

Our anti-aliasing algorithm delivers amazing results without causing a known blurring effect in graphics, especially on the sharp edges and small textures.


A high-performance scaler aims to create high resolution images from low resolution sources that are visually indistinguishable from native high resolution images.

Our scaler delivers an exceptional performance from 1/2 million pixels to 2 million pixels (SD to HD) and 2 million to 8 million pixels (HD to 4K Cinema) with no compromises on color processing. The result is the cleanest and clearest image for both modern, and legacy content.

Depth of Field

One technique that many photographers use to add a “wow factor” to their images is to shoot with a shallow depth of field. In doing so they isolate part of the shot which is nicely in focus while throwing elements in the background (and sometimes the foreground) out of focus and into a lovely blur.

Our depth of field algorithm takes on the challenge of identifying both foreground and background aspects of the image and determines the relevant zone of interest to create the best possible picture in real time.

Image Sharpening

Graphic video processors typically focus on either the “sharpness” or “naturalness” of an image.

mClassic ensures the image is in perfect balance. Our advanced real-time algorithms deliver a stunningly beautiful picture with color clarity and details exactly as intended by the game developer.

No Latency

Lag time less than 1ms with all the processing above.

mClassic's graphics post-processor analyzes and improves every single pixel for the most beautiful image with no-lag.

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Modes of Operation

By Toggle Switch
The mClassic offers an amazing improvement to your image, but in the event you decide to disable the features, there's no need to disconnect it from anything. Setting the mClassic to position zero will allow the original signal to pass right through and be completely unaltered by the mClassic.
This is where the mClassic shines! In the center position, the mClassic's LED will turn green and do its magic, just like the genie. With no lag time, it redraws every single pixel on the fly at 120 FPS. See section below for technical details.
The mClassic offers astonishing resolution and picture clarity enhancement for 480p content. Retro platforms, like the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube and many more, have never looked better. Most ran in 4:3 originally, not 16:9, how does that work? Using the third toggle position, the LED will turn blue and the mClassic will give you 4:3 output for all retro content while still giving you all the visual benefits of our retro mode algorithms. Perfect for capture, quick gameplay, or to get around an issue with a TV that won't adjust the aspect ratio. The mClassic has your classic games covered!

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