Computer in a cable?
No lag

Serious gamer’s cable.

  • Upscale your games to 4K or True HD

    No additional hardware or software needed, mCable is a true plug-and-play solution to instantly upgrade your favorite games. 480p and 720p content upconverts to 1080p | 1080p HD content upconverts to near-native 4K.

  • Boost your game performance

    No lag time – less than 1 millisecond processing per frame. Up to 120 FPS for 1080p games, including VR.

  • Enhance your reality

    Smoother edges and vivid colors from advanced anti aliasing and color correction algorithms in real-time.


Actual unaltered image, 3X zoom.

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“Upscales with Anti-Aliasing... What?!?”

“You shocked me—that doesn’t happen often.
Well done Marseille!”

Still not convinced?

Don't take our word for it.

“mCable is joyously plug-and-play for any home entertainment system. If you’re looking for a way to upscale your current video entertainment experience, I believe $129 is a small price to pay for such a dramatic improvement.” Mark N. Vena, at Forbes “May be the only cable to improve picture quality.” Brian Westover, at Tom's Guide “mCable is a winner!” Digital Foundry “This $120 HDMI cable claims to make your picture better...and it does.” Peter Bright, at Ars Technica

The brains behind the smart cable.

mCable Gaming Edition,cable with chip
Operates advanced graphics processing with incredibly low lag time. Processes all the enhanced content features in less than 1 millisecond per frame, with speed up to 120 FPS. Upconverts to HD or 4K game content. Up-scales native rendered resolution up to Super HD @ 120 FPS or 4K 4:2:0 @ 60 FPS. Improves image depth, contrast & color rendering. Analyzes every single pixel and adjusts it for the optimal image. Performs Contextual Anti-Aliasing (CxAA). Eliminates jagged edges and shimmering texture without creating blurring artifacts.

The Smart Cable for Serious Gamers.

Upscaling your game content to 4k, UHD and HD with mCable is smart. Why? Because unlike an HDMI cable, it has a computer inside designed specifically for anti aliasing and image enhancement of games. mCable upscales your PlayStation PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and most games to a whole new level of performance and image quality. It even brings high def to VR. Change your view of an HDMI gaming cable. mCable from Marseille is a smart cable for the serious gamer that’s looking for an edge.