Computer in a cable?
No lag

TV, sports & movie fan’s cable.

  • Upscale your movies to 4K or True HD

    Today’s 4K and True HD TV’s are designed to produce an incredible image. But the image quality will only be as good as the content quality... until now. Streaming, on-demand, DVD and BluRay disc movies have a lower resolution content than your TV. mCable upscales 480p and 720p content to 1080p. And it upscales 1080p to near-native 4K. See live TV and your movie library in a whole new way.

    comparison of 720p HDMI vs mCable
  • Boost details and image clarity.

    Experience movies like you’re at the theater. Or sports as if you were at the event. mCable delivers incredibly smooth edges while eliminating visual noise in real time. Its advanced computer analyzes and improves every single pixel in less than 1 millisecond, for the most beautiful image with no-lag.

    comparison of 720p HDMI vs mCable
  • Experience naturally vivid colors.

    See the exact colors and shades of gray as intended. Black tones are truly rich. Bright colors pop without being oversaturated. mCable’s image processing algorithms perform color correction in real-time for a beautiful picture that is unmatched from any other cable.

    comparison of 720p HDMI vs mCable

Actual unaltered image, 3X zoom.

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“Upscales with Anti-Aliasing... What?!?”

“You shocked me—that doesn’t happen often.
Well done Marseille!”

Still not convinced?

Don't take our word for it.

“For me, what sealed the deal was using mCable with my Comcast Xfinity cable setup. There are a number of channels that I enjoy which are not yet broadcast in HD format, and I was mesmerized by the difference when using the mCable. I did not notice any lag or latency.” Mark N. Vena, at Forbes “See games in a whole new way!”” Cheat Code Central “Marseille’s HDMI cable does the impossible: It improves graphics quality!” Joel Hruska, at Extreme Tech “Out of the ordinary…a product that is something so rare and new.” V1RACY, at Hackinformer

The brains behind the smart cable.

mCable Cinema Edition cable with chip
Experience the picture quality your TV was designed for. mCable upscales streaming, cable, satellite dish, DVD and Blu-Ray disc content to 4K or Super HD. 480p and 720p content becomes 1080p. And 1080p becomes near-native 4K. See details and image clarity like never before. mCable analyzes, repairs and enhances every single pixel in real-time. This delivers an incredible viewing experience for watching movies, live sports and shows. Enjoy stunning colors that are vivid and natural. mCable’s advance algorithms perform color correction on every single pixel. Black tones become rich; warm colors balanced; and bright colors pop without oversaturation.

The Smart Cable for TV Entertainment.

Upscaling your TV entertainment content to UHD and HD with mCable is smart. Why? Because unlike an HDMI cable, it has a computer inside designed specifically for anti aliasing and image enhancement of your TV content. mCable upscales your cable & satellite set-top-box, internet streaming, DVD and Blu-Ray content to a whole new level of performance and image quality to near native 4K. mCable from Marseille is a smart cable for the movie buff, sports fan and all who want the best TV image.