​mCable's Lag-Free Competitive Edge

Apr 18th 2018

Serious gamers seek a competitive advantage of faster response and quicker reaction time without sacrificing image quality. That's where mCable comes in to give gamers the competitive advantage and an incredible image.

What is Display Lag?

Display lag is the latency between content input and actual display. Less than 40 milliseconds is considered good. mCable delivers in less than 1 millisecond—that’s great, especially at 120 FPS. There’s no impact on lag, providing you virtually lag-free gaming. That gives you a competitive edge over all the other non-mCable gamers out there.

What causes display lag?

Enhancing image quality requires a tremendous amount of processing between the source device and screen, which can slow down the signal. This results in a trade-off between faster game response time, quicker reaction time and picture quality. Until now.

The mCable solution.

Specifically designed for serious hardcore gamers, our patented technology features advanced real-time algorithms that enhance your image quality AND deliver near-zero latency at the same time.