Replace your HDMI cable, not your game system.

Apr 19th 2018

Chances are you invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on your gaming console and all the games purchased throughout the years. But as TVs, VR systems and monitors have delivered an improved 4K o … read more

​mCable's Lag-Free Competitive Edge

Apr 18th 2018

Serious gamers seek a competitive advantage of faster response and quicker reaction time without sacrificing image quality. That's where mCable comes in to give gamers the competitive advantage and an … read more

PS3 Games & PSVR Improved Resolution

Apr 17th 2018

Here's a snippet from a mCable Gaming Edition review on Reddit yesterday: "The mCable really smooths out the jaggies, gives the colors a little more pop, and gives slightly better textures." Check ou … read more