Our vision
for picture & sound.


Marseille Inc may sound like it's from France, but it was born and raised in Silicon Valley in 2005. Our mission is ambitious, but to us, essential. We aim to make the world's video content look better than it has ever been able to be before.


While filmmakers and game developers struggle to produce a very specific image, hardware and software limitations of video compression, sound compression, GPU limitations and more often prevent them from truly being experienced by the viewer.


Our Founder & CEO, Amine Chabane, originally from South of France, told a heart felt story to a crowd at Sundance once, in which he apologized to them. For years, it was his job, as well as the job of many others, to take content produced by filmmakers and to make it cheap and easy to compress or simply digitize. That process creates an image quality loss for the sake of efficiency and profitability.


Marseille Inc is here to produce technology that corrects these issues and offer not only the user to see image quality never previously considered possible with new content, but as well as legacy content.


Our vision is to unleash the collective creativity of filmmakers, game developers, and artists to their best by removing the technology barriers to allow them to create a better and more realistic world.


We won't stop developing picture and sound technologies until we exceed the real world experience in the digital world.


That is our mission. Take content, make it better, make it what it was meant to be, then make it more than anyone thought it ever could be.