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2018 E3 Interview with Marseille CEO Amine Chabane. CLICK IMAGE BELOW

Marseille is where we unleash the passion of your gaming, cinema & TV experience.

Our products deliver the best visual image from any content on any display through the most advanced and patented technology.

Founded in 2005 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Marseille’s expertise is creating advanced video processing and algorithms, and developing new products through a revolutionary virtual silicon methodology. Marseille is led by Founder and CEO Amine Chabane, who brings decades of industry expertise from Silicon Valley’s most respected companies and start-ups.


Meet mCable – a smart cable with a computer inside.


Introduced in 2017, Marseille’s mCable product line has blown away performance expectations, being called “too good to be true.” We all know the trade-offs between faster game response time, quicker reaction time and picture quality for the optimal gaming experience. Add the frustration of viewing on a 4K or True HD TV the content from a set-top-box or streaming video, BluRay or DVD. The image simply isn’t as good as it should be.


That’s why we developed the mCable Gaming Edition and mCable Cinema Edition. These smart cables have patented technology that boosts picture quality at 120 FPS with near-zero latency. It even upscales games and movies to 4K or Super HD in real time. Smart, isn’t it? mCable:


  • Performs contextual anti-aliasing (CxAA). This eliminates jagged edges and shimmering texture without creating blurring artifacts.


  • Improves image depth, contrast & color rendering. Analyzes every single pixel and adjusts it for the optimal image.


  • Upconverts to HD or 4K game content. Up-scales native rendered resolution up to Super HD @ 120 FPS or 4K 4:2:0 @ 60 FPS.


  • Operates advanced graphics processing with incredibly low lag time. Processes all the enhanced content features in less than 1 millisecond per frame, with speed up to 120 FPS.


If this sounds too good to be true, check out the reviews from our critics and customers alike on-line.



Marseille's team, led by Founder and CEO Amine Chabane, brings decades of industry expertise from leading Silicon Valley companies and startups.

Come on board. We all deserve perfect pixels.