About Marseille



We’re video geeks inadvertently turned businessmen due to a frustration we were having: our home movies and games weren’t being shown with the image quality they were meant to be shown in.

The same way it takes a very expensive and sophisticated sound system to reproduce music the exact way it sounded in the recording studio and the way the producers meant it to be heard, it takes equally sophisticated machinery to reproduce video content exactly as it was originally recorded.

Except in the case of video, due to compression, the content gets so diluted and corrupted on its way to your screen that actually showing video the way it was meant to be seen hasn’t been possible even with 4K TVs and HDMI cables.

Until now.

Fed up with this corruption of quality and resolution, we decided to do something about it. We came up with an algorithm that can actually redraw pixels in real time as they appear on your screen (We said we were geeks, remember?). We then programmed this algorithm into a chip/processor, put the chip inside an HDMI cable, made some tweaks, and watched the magic happen.

I guess we’re proud of ourselves, except we won’t really feel good about it until everyone else has the same picture quality that we do, so we’re sharing the love.

The mCable is a product of frustration, need, passion, and yes…geekiness.



Marseille's team, led by Founder and CEO Amine Chabane, brings decades of industry   expertise from leading Silicon Valley companies and startups.

Come on board. We all deserve perfect pixels.