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Marseille's UVD™ (Ultra Visual Detail): Only Technology to Achieve Technicolor 4K Image Certification
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Marseille’s UVD technology takes existing HD content and transforms it into magnificent 4K cinema-quality viewing on any 4K TV. UVD technology detects the important characteristics of video, graphics and text preserving and enhancing the smallest picture details discernable by the human eye.

Integrating UVD’s Contextual Detail Enhancement, Contextual Edge Restoration, Contextual Noise Reduction, and Proprietary Video Upscaling, Marseille’s Technicolor 4K Image Certified video processors deliver an immersive 4K video experience.


                    HD to 4K                                                       Marseille’s Certified HD to 4K logo-technicolor-60

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With UVD, consumers can enjoy the 4K Hollywood experience today 
without waiting for 4K content.

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