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Black & Red m-Ring
Key Features:
Contextual anti-aliasing, Adaptive resolution scaling, High frame rate support, Sub-1ms lag
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Marseille mCable Gaming Edition with Marseille Intelligent Pixel Processor


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Graphics Enhancement For Gaming

  • A better visual experience for your favorite gaming console.
  • Real-time lag-free graphics enhancement and contextual anti-aliasing.

Aliasing: a pixel resolution problem

In graphics rendering, mapping contiguous lines into finite pixels creates a problem called "aliasing". Aliasing is commonly characterized by visibly annoying symptoms like jagged edges, crawling along edges, and shimmering in texture.

Aliasing is made worse by limited GPU resources in current game console platforms. Rendered resolution achieved in the console is not sufficient.

  • PS3/XBox 360 games mostly rendered at 720p.
  • PS4/Xbox One games rendered at 1080p or below.

There is not enough processing power left inside the console to mitigate aliasing. An outside-the-box solution is needed.

mCable coming into play

mCable Gamer Edition brings an advanced graphics post-processing engine on a HDMI cable. The benefits are eye catching:

  • Contextual anti-aliasing: removes jaggies without noticeable blur.
  • Adaptive resolution scaling: scales native rendered resolution to match display.
  • High frame rate support: support frame rates up to 1080p120.
  • Sub-1ms lag: game at your dreamed speed.

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  • 3
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    Posted by rakosalp on Dec 17th 2017

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  • 4
    Greatly increases PSVR performance with a standard PS4!

    Posted by Miguel Miranda Barrientos on Oct 25th 2017

    I have purchased this cable for PSVR gaming. According to other users, changes with a PS4 Pro are not so much noticeable, but I can assure that at least on a standard PS4 it works very well, bringing that extra power needed to manage the virtual reality. Anti-aliasing is awesome, really awesome, so all appears to be more clear, and it is easier to read the text on the screen. This is due to real extra processing power, not only a image filter. Also, since PSVR has no options for color or contrast management, the adjustments made by the own cable are very welcome.

    Unfortunately, the price is very high and it can go up to 150 euro with shipment and custom taxes. Maybe you prefer to upgrade to PS4 Pro instead. But, if you decide like me to keep your standard PS4 or you just purchased a Slim version of the console and do not want to replace it, you musy know that this cable helps a lot. Also, please consider that this cable can be use with other devices, such as Nintendo Switch, PS3, XBox 360, Super Nintendo Classic Mini, etc.

    Now two tips: in first place, please note that you will neeed a female to female HDMI adapter for PSVR use. Please do not buy anything under 5 euro, or you will see white flickering dots on the screen due to loss of signal. In second place, please note that USB power cable can be connected to a USB 2.0, BUT not on a hub, unless it has its own power supply.

    And finally, a warnig: when a game passes from VR mode to cinematic mode, sometimes you can get a blackout issue, so the screen turns black and the chip do not find the signal. Change resolution from Automatic to 1080p can help; I have also noticed better stability when changing RGB range from Automatic to Complete (all this under screen settings on the PS4 menu WITH the PSVR turned ON, otherwise you will change the settings for your TV instead). In any case, this can be fixed by turning off the PSVR and turning it on again. Repeat the process if the screen is still black. Is is fair to say that this happens sometimes, but for me it is acceptable in change of the boost of performance.

  • 3
    Great Upscaler to 4k with a fault

    Posted by Nathaniel Jewell on Oct 25th 2017

    My 720p and 1080p content look amazing on my 4k tv with this Upscaler, however I have to get up to unplug the usb power repeatedly to get the cord working because it can randomly stop working quite often. I assume it's overheating issues.

  • 5
    Legit! Improves Nintendo Switch games dramatically!

    Posted by B Dub on Oct 23rd 2017

    This cable is legit. I was skeptical of just how much another HDMI cable could improve the picture quality but boy was I wrong! This cable really cleans up the image on Switch games like Zelda, Mario Kart and Fast RMX (and soon Mario Odyssey). No more jagged lines! Colors have more POP! I was shocked at the difference. Kept switching back and forth between the regular HDMI and the mcable. This cable is legit! Expensive, but legit!

    For reference, I'm using it with Nintendo Switch on a 75" Sony 4K TV. This mcable, coupled with the Sony 4K upscaling, really makes the Switch games look next gen, instead of last gen WiiU or Xbox 360.

  • 5
    Disregard my previous review

    Posted by Christian W on Oct 20th 2017

    It works! You can improve the picture quality of your PSVR with this cable. You need to connect the „Source“ side to the right HDMI-port on the front of the PSVR processor box, and the TV-side to the now available HDMI plug with a female-female adaptor.

    This cable manages to eliminate almost all aliasing flickering which is left after upgrading to PS4 Pro. Not quite cheap, but it‘s the best and only way to squeeze out the most of your PSVR, image quality wise.

    Looking forward to the next iteration with 4K and HDR support ;) :)

  • 3
    Does not work with PSVR

    Posted by Christian W on Oct 20th 2017

    The dream is dead.

    The cable was advertised as „up to 1080p“ and „120Hz, compatible with VR“, so I decided to order one and hopefully improve somehow the image quality of PSVR.

    Today, it arrived and I set it all up correctly. Of course, in order to get a better image on the headset, the mCable had to be placed between the PS4 Pro and the PSVR processor unit.

    However, there are some quirks I first ran into:
    - The PS4 image is only displayed (processor box only turns on) when you turn on the headset. Before that, the TV stays black.
    - When using the PSVR headset, the forwarded picture to the TV turns black, thus removing any chance for asynchronous multiplayer or spectators in the room

    Well, I thought I could deal with this, but here comes the real kicker:
    - When the PSVR headset switches from „cinema screen mode“ to VR mode, the headset somehow doesn‘t notice this.

    The result is this: [url][/url]

    You get the unoptimized VR image on the PSVR screen on both eyes :(

    I think the cable will work nicely with the Switch and PS3 and others, but any hope to improve the PSVR image with it is crushed ;(

    [From mCable]
    Please double check your settings and connections. mCable Gaming edition does work prefect with Sony PSVR. Please see this video for basic tips how to connect mCable with PSVR and improvements in video: If you have any questions contact us at and submit your ticket to our technical support engineers to review and help you.

  • 4
    Nice performance on Nintendo Switch

    Posted by Ruben Aguilar on Oct 14th 2017

    First of all, the cable is pricey, but the performance that offers worth the price. The improvement on the Nintendo Switch games tested was pretty noticeable. I only can recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by Nicholas Legg on Oct 13th 2017

    Even after watching videos and checking out reviews I was still blown away by how well they work. It looks like you've enabled something around 4X MSAA, and for some console games that makes such a huge image quality difference.

  • 4
    It works!

    Posted by Francis on Oct 12th 2017

    First of, kudos to Marseille for making an expensive cable that actually does something, now on with the review, picture quality is noticeably better, it's way sharper, adds a bit of AA, and with more pronounced contrast, that being said it's still not perfect, it adds a wee bit of delay, nothing really major, but there's a slight feel to it when using a mouse on a pc, wich is understandable since there's actual processing going on in there, and the other thing is not really a problem, but just know that you'll need to re-calibrate your tv/monitor as it does change the gamma and contrast curve. So in the end, if you're all for eye candy, you've got the money to spare and you're not doing competitive gaming with a mouse, it's for you, word of advice to Canadians tough, expect a cost of over 200$ with change rate and border fees.