Marseille mCable - 4K/UHD HDMI Cinema Edition

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Key Features:
Up-convert up to 4K Cinema Format and UHD, Artifact Removal, Detail Enhancement, Edge Restoration, Color Management, Expert Certified, Built to Last, Latest Marseille Processor
Marseille mCable Cinema Edition with new Marseille Intelligent Pixel Processor

Marseille mCable 4K HDMI Cinema Edition

Our latest 4K pixel processor for an optimal cinematic experience

If your favorite shows and movies are not yet in true HD or 4K, you can now upgrade your picture quality with mCable. Regardless of your TV capabilities HD or 4K, mCable enhances picture quality of your content one pixel at a time while you are watching it!

 The Cinema Edition is a dedicated 4K pixel processor which performs comprehensive treatment on all content, including Movies, Streaming, TV shows, and Sports. mCable processor recreates missing pixels with the highest possible definition overcoming the limitations of a variety of input sources (DVD, Blu-Ray and Set-Top Box). 

We are committed to restore the picture quality as originally intended by the content creators. With Technicolor’s 4K Image Certification, you can be confident that mCable will deliver a stunning 4K Hollywood movie experience. We invite you to re-discover streaming and DVD in mCable’s super HD quality. Owners of both Full HD (1080p) and 4K TVs will benefit from this unique product. mCable converts the 480p (DVD), 720p (Broadcast) to Full HD, and Full HD (Blu-ray) to 4K. Cinema Edition takes movies, TV series and sports to a whole new dimension.

 In addition to up-converting 480p and 720p content to 1080p resolution, and up-converting 1080p content to near-native 4K resolution, the VTV-1224 processor-powered cable improves overall picture quality via noise reduction, edge restoration (which dramatically improves on-screen text quality), and detail enhancement. Whether it's streaming video directly from your cable box, via a DVR such as TiVo, devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, or even from your Blu-Ray Disc player, the cable makes everything look better.


Simple Steps to Enhance Your Picture Quality:

1. Power-up the video processor by plugging the mCable's USB connector into an available USB port on your HDTV.

2. Connect the larger mCable Ultra connector labeled "TV" to an available HDMI port on your HDTV.

3. Connect the smaller mCable Ultra connector labeled "Source" to the HDMI port in your source device.


Learn more in the Tech Zone.

1 Year.

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  • 5
    mCable, Cinema Edition

    Posted by Brian C. on Jul 30th 2017

    This is an incredible improvement over our regular HDMI cable. The edges of everything are very much sharper and all the colors pop. I highly recommend and I will purchase for other TVs.

  • 5
    great purchase!

    Posted by christophe on Jul 22nd 2017

    I really recommend this product!
    I was frustrated with the picture quality from my xbox games after upgrading my TV to a LG 4K
    - with this cable i immediately saw a big improvement
    - the picture looks way smoother and the details are rendered with better quality
    - overall my gaming experience is much better.
    No regret at all,
    in fact this will be my go-to gift for upcoming birthdays!
    marseille rocks.

  • 5
    mCable Cinema Edition

    Posted by Sharok on Jul 20th 2017

    I tried hard to find a fault with the Cinema Edition and I could not find any. Overall, I found it to be better than my OLED TV and Oppo-103 processors
    I tested DVD, BD, and 3D with the Cinema Edition and the result is excellent.
    The results with native 1080p movies (3D and BD) are much better than with DVDs since DVD is native 480i .
    My setup:
    From Oppo-103 to Cinema Edition and directly to OLED65E6P. From Oppo HDMI Out (2) to surround processor for audio.

    Oppo output resolution is set to "Source Direct".

    All movies except 3D movies are ripped to my hard drive. Physical disks are used for 3D only. When playing from hard drive, the DVD output resolution is 480p (not 480i) and for BD/3D is 1080p.
    DVDs tested:
    Die Hard
    Live and Let Die
    Fearless (Jet Li)
    Fearless looked better than the rest. The picture was totally clean because the DVD transfer was much better than the other DVDs I tested.

    Blu rays:
    Soderbergh's Solaris (German Version)
    The Fifth Element
    The Rogue One
    All conversions were excellent
    Captain America (First Avenger)
    Dr. Strange

    For the price, the Cinema Edition is an amazing upscaler / processor for 2D and 3D movies. It is going to stay in my system for a long long time.

  • 5
    Just to let you know, I found a fantastic use for my mcable!

    Posted by Jay F on Jul 19th 2017

    Just to let you know, I found a fantastic use for my mcable!

    I have a 32" 720P flat screen tv that we use to watch movies that I stream
    off the internet. I am using a "Raspberry Pi" single board mini pc, a wireless
    usb adapter and a multi-media player called KODI feeding through the mcable.

    The difference in the picture quality is unbelievable!

    My wife thought that I had gone out and purchased a high-end 1080P tv
    or even a small 4K unit, the picture is that good. I should send you a photo
    because the difference is that dramatic.

    No matter how I tried, I could not get it to function the way I wanted it to with my PC.

    I was able to get close to what I wanted by tweeking the PC and the video card settings.

    I guess it's just a case of using it for the right applications and knowing it's limitations.

    I am actually thinking of purchasing one for each my other TV's as even with my 4K unit
    while streaming or playing DVD's there is quite a noticeable difference.

    Thank you and your team for your quick responses, I am sold on this cable!

    Jay F.

  • 5
    UpScale Everything

    Posted by Jared on Jul 19th 2017

    It works perfectly for my old movies (DVDs) and when I use it on my xbox one. The quality is noticeable improved and I am very happy with the product.