Marseille mCable - 4K HDMI Gaming Edition

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Black & Red m-Ring
Key Features:
Contextual anti-aliasing, Adaptive resolution scaling, High frame rate support, Sub-1ms lag
Marseille mCable Gaming Edition with Marseille Intelligent Pixel Processor


Graphics Enhancement For Gaming

  • A better visual experience for your favorite gaming console.
  • Real-time lag-free graphics enhancement and contextual anti-aliasing.

Aliasing: a pixel resolution problem

In graphics rendering, mapping contiguous lines into finite pixels creates a problem called "aliasing". Aliasing is commonly characterized by visibly annoying symptoms like jagged edges, crawling along edges, and shimmering in texture.

Aliasing is made worse by limited GPU resources in current game console platforms. Rendered resolution achieved in the console is not sufficient.

  • PS3/XBox 360 games mostly rendered at 720p.
  • PS4/Xbox One games rendered at 1080p or below.

There is not enough processing power left inside the console to mitigate aliasing. An outside-the-box solution is needed.

mCable coming into play

mCable Gamer Edition brings an advanced graphics post-processing engine on a HDMI cable. The benefits are eye catching:

  • Contextual anti-aliasing: removes jaggies without noticeable blur.
  • Adaptive resolution scaling: scales native rendered resolution to match display.
  • High frame rate support: support frame rates up to 1080p120.
  • Sub-1ms lag: game at your dreamed speed.

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1 Year

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  • 4
    I've put up a few PSVR PS4 Slim comparison shots

    Posted by KomandirHoek on Aug 13th 2017

    I decided to purchase an mCable Gaming Edition to see if it would improve the experience on my PSVR (using a PS4 Slim). I was taking a gamble as there were no still-shots showing precisely how it compares to the standard setup, bar a few videos on YouTube that don't really demonstrate the difference. So, armed with my GoPro I gave it a shot to help others decide...

    Pics are up at:

    In general I've found (on PS4 Slim at least)...

    - Jagged edges appear to be smoothed out in polygonal games (e.g. Superhot VR)

    - Slightly reduces screen door effect but does not get rid of it.

    - In texture-rich games that may already have had anti-aliasing done, it does seem to blur the textures. An example I used was Pinball FX 2 VR.

    Things the cable does NOT do...

    - Does not remove the "shimmering" effect you sometimes get (I believe this is a PS4 Slim problem that doesn't exist as much on PS4 Pro)

    - Does not increase resolution. You get the same resolution but harsh edges are smoothed out.


    Works well for polygonal games like Superhot / Polybius, etc. Colours on Polybius looked great so perhaps it does enhance bright colours.
    For 2D difference is negligible, and on textures that have anti-aliasing already done it does seem to slightly blur them by reapplying anti-aliasing, but again this might not be a problem on PS4 Pro (all the positive reviews here seem to mention PS4 Pro).

    All in all, it enhances the experience alright but perhaps wait for the price to drop a little unless you need your Superhot upgrade right now. I've given 4/5 stars for experience with a PS4 Slim so you may find the faults I list are not present with the PS4 Pro.

  • 5

    Posted by LIsa on Aug 7th 2017

    I'm so happy with my purchase! Thank you!

  • 5
    Fantastic !

    Posted by Markansas on Aug 2nd 2017

    Worth every single penny, I noticed an immediate difference. Super hot on psvr is outstanding. Get them.

  • 5
    Different from the previous

    Posted by ILGYU CHO on Aug 1st 2017

    I purchased all three version, silver plug, Ultra, and Gaming Edition, so I think I can go into detail about comparison with the previous versions.
    Here is my opinion when using Gaming Edition with PS VR comparing with Ultra mCable.

    -Color representation is more natural with Gaming Edition.
    I feel like the color representation of Ultra mCable is brighter than Gaming Edition's.
    So, the 'white noise screen', that is shown when running or exiting the VR games, looks a bit blinding when using Ultra mCable, but it doesn't at all with Gaming Edition.
    But for this feature, the letters in white could looks a bit sharper with Ultra mCable. So there could be pros and cons up to the individual.
    But there is clearly vibrant color improvement with Gaming Edition, too.

    -Anti Aliasing is better with Gaming Edition
    Much smoother, and there is much less color spread on the line of the rendered objects.
    There was color spread on the line of the objects with Ultra mCable, but I can see noticeable improvement with new Gaming Edition.

    Totally I like Gaming Edition very much. And Gaming Edition works great with non VR games, too.
    If you have FHD TV, then you should run Horizon Zero Dawn with this cable. You will say, Just, 'WOW'.

  • 3
    mCable Gaming Edition.

    Posted by Orville Clarke on Aug 1st 2017

    I just received the Marseille Gaming Edition mcable for use with my PSVR on a PS Pro and I would say without question, it's not worth the $130.
    Resident Evil 7: I could not see an improvement. I had to keep switching cables 'cause I thought I had hooked it up incorrectly, then I thought the cable simply wasn't working. This game however does have a noise filter and a "soft" visually quality overall so it's probably not going to improve much anyway.
    Rez: Since this has lots of colorful particle effects I thought it looked great, sharp and ran really smoothly but it's a great game anyway so I'm unsure if it was down to the cable. Super HOT: This is where I finally noticed a difference, the jaggies and type looked smoother. The cable improved the anti aliasing and made the game less jarring when moving around.
    Thumper: Looked more colorful, ran smoother and therefore seemed more immersive than I remembered it.
    In short, on the few games I tested, there IS an improvement but it's a very subtle improvement. I think with the words some people were using I led myself to believe that the changes would be quite remarkable when really they were just okay. A casual user won't even notice a difference. If you don't have disposable income, it's not worth it, if you do, I would still wait until you could get it for around $50.

    Some games mCable will enhance more than others depending on the content. We want to strike a balance between enhancing graphics quality and keeping it true to the games creators intent. Also to get the most out of mCable's capabilities, please remember to feed mCable with native rendering resolution of the game. Last, but not least. As you stated in your review you only used mCable for 1 day. Give it a try and use it for 7-10 days to let your eyes get use to, then unplug and use regular cable and see if you notice more significant difference in overall picture quality drop with out mCable. Thank you for you purchase and review.

  • 4
    Improves PSVR clarity

    Posted by Shemmon Elmes on Jul 31st 2017

    I noticed improvments in clarity while using PSVR. Games like Eve Valkyrie and Driveclub looked better and less blury. It is a must have for PSVR. Only 4 stars because no HDR.

  • 5
    Truly, the only choice when purchasing an HDMI cable.

    Posted by Paul Darcy on Jul 27th 2017

    I'd purchased a few cables claiming to the same in the past, noticing little to no difference, I didn't have much hope for the mCable. I couldn't believe my eyes when I plugged in the mCable Gaming Edition for the first time. In sheer happiness, I had to invite my friends over just so they could see for themselves.

    Literally described by one of my friend's as, "Like putting on glasses for the first time.", it's almost like buying a remaster of all your old favorite games, and a graphical improvement on all of your new ones to come in one box! I have tested it on my PS3, Wii U and Xbox, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it might do on my PS4 Pro.

    Long story short, if you're going to purchase an HDMI cable anytime soon, if you value picture quality in a game, you have to purchase an mCable Gaming Edition.

  • 5
    PSVR compatibility

    Posted by Rainer on Jul 27th 2017

    I bought the cable for my PSVR in combination with a PS4 pro. I didn´t expect too much but boy was i wrong! This product is amazing! It´s like if you put glasses on for the first time when you are short sighted..... I tried it with a whole bunch of VR Games and the effect was noticable with all of them. Don´t expect the resolution magically expand to UHD or something but all the edges get a lot smoother and the colors pop more. It´s all around a more pleasant VR experience. I´m glad i commited to buying them.

  • 5
    great cable

    Posted by rj on Jul 26th 2017

    i have always said a hdmi cable is the same cheap or expensive till i tried this cable great picture on my playstation 4 pro will get another for the vr