Gaming Edition

Rendering games requires massive computing power.

The gaming industry has exploded in the last decade, and with it the power of graphics.

But gaming consoles have a problem: they can’t draw very well. Even if they’re high powered they still miss a lot of key details because all processors are physically limited, leading to insufficient sampling resolution and frame rate, which leads to common “artifacts” such as jagged edges and shimmering textures.

For a long time now we’ve been wondering why nobody has bothered to address this issue, so we decided to address it ourselves via the mCable, adapting it to the specific graphical needs of gaming consoles.

We know – how good do your graphics really need to be?

People were saying the same thing about computer memory not too long ago.

Once you play with the mCable, you won’t ever want to go back. Why would you? You’re now experiencing the game exactly the way the producer intended.

Fist bump, anyone? Okay – we’ll settle for a virtual fist bump.


mCable Gamer Edition brings a powerful graphics processing engine inside an HDMI connector! It performs advanced graphics enhancements at wire-speed up to 120 fps for 1080p games including VR.

The benefits are eye-catching:

 Contextual anti-aliasing: removes jaggies without noticeable blur.

 Contrast and detail enhancement: increase perception of depth, sharpness and contrast.

 High frame rate support: support frame rates up to 1080p120.

 Sub-1ms lag: game at your dreamed speed.

In order to access to pixels over HDMI, mCable integrates HDMI and HDCP receiving/transmitting microprocessors.

No additional hardware or software needed, mCable is a truly plug-and-play solution to instantly upgrade your favorite games.

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In Marseille, we believe the power of pixel processing. No pixels are created equal. Every pixel deserves special treatment to look at its best.

mCable’s patent pending “Contextual Processing” engine automatically recognizes various elements of the rendered image such as edges, texture and other proprietary details context. It analyzes every single pixel to repair it in the most suitable way for that pixel.

Using mCable Gaming Edition as an additional graphics processor, it can remove up to 75% of graphics artifacts while at the same time retaining all the valuable details game designers want you to enjoy.

Seeing is Believing

High-end HDMI Cable
Originial Rendering
Marseille mCable Cinema Edition 4K HDMI Cable
Enhanced with mCable

A Complete Game Changer

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Intelligent Graphics Pixel Processor

Pixel and Graphics Rejuvenation

Noise & Artifact Reduction

Cognitive Local Contrast

Lag-free Real-time Processor

Automatic Technicolor 4K Movie Mode

Ultra-High Frame Rate VR Gaming

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Enjoy Anti-Aliasing With No Compromise



Good (mCable)

mCable’s patent pending technology “Contextual Processing” is a state of the art algorithm. By emulating critical human eye perception, it re-creates every pixel for a more realistic rendering. With this unique capability, mCable achieves advanced anti-aliasing filtering which fixes jagged edges and removes shimmering effects from the texture without noticeable blur.

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In addition, Gaming Edition inherits acclaimed picture quality enhancements from the original mCable.



Technicolor Logo


mCable Gaming Edition also supports 24p film mode. It automatically detects film content, enhances and up-scales to Ultra-HD and 4K Cinema format that are certified by Technicolor, a technology leader in Hollywood for more than 100 years.

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Golden Gate bridge on 4k tv




mCable Gaming Edition Installation

As easy as 1-2-3


Plug in the USB to power up the processor (almost all TVs now have a USB plug)


Plug the HDMI connector marked "Source" into your Gaming console


Plug the HDMI connector marked “TV” into your TV

Within a few minutes, you are ready to enjoy a superior visual experience!


Works on any device with an HDMI output

XBOX 360/One

Playstation 3/4

Wii U


Blu-Ray Player

Streaming Box

A/V Receiver

Set-Top Box

For best results, configure your source device to output native resolution and frame rate of your content. For example, 720p60 for most of Xbox 360/PS3 games and some Wii U/Xbox One games. 1080p60 for some Xbox One games and most PS4 games. 1080p24 for Blu-ray movies and streaming box. 720p60 for Set-Top box. Learn more in the Tech Zone.