Gaming Edition

Rendering games requires massive computing power.

The gaming industry has exploded in the last decade, and with it the power of graphics.


But gaming consoles have a problem: they can’t draw very well. Even if they’re high powered they still miss a lot of key details because their processors are physically limited, leading to insufficient sampling resolution and frame rate, which leads to common “artifacts” such as jagged edges and shimmering textures.


For a long time now we’ve been wondering why nobody has bothered to address this issue, so we decided to address it ourselves via the mCable, adapting it to the specific graphical needs of gaming consoles.


We know – how good do your graphics really need to be?


People were saying the same thing about computer memory not too long ago.


Once you play with the mCable, you won’t ever want to go back. Why would you? You’re now experiencing the game exactly the way the producer intended.


Fist bump, anyone? Okay – we’ll settle for a virtual fist bump.

Since processors are physically limited, gaming engines are too often forced to render with insufficient sampling resolution and frame rate. This results in well-known graphics artifacts. As an example, we all experience annoying aliasing artifacts such as jagged edges and shimmering texture. mCable Gaming Edition acts as an additional graphics processor which removes up to 75% of graphics artifacts without sacrificing any game speed. Its real-time engine processes at wire-speed up to 120 fps for 1080p games including VR. No additional hardware or software needed.

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